Who Is This Guy?

I am Russel Trojan and I am a woodworker.

I have a need to “make stuff”.  As far back as I can remember I received great pleasure from creating.  In elementary school I loved art class and music class, as well as any activity that allowed me to produce something.

Some have accused me of being an artist, but I’m not that creative.  Others might say I was an artisan or craftsman, but I know those who could teach me more than I have time to learn.

Thus, I am a woodworker because I enjoy working with wood.

Wood is its own art and carries within it colors, textures and lines that beckon you to look and invite you to touch.  Wood is Nature’s secret art; hidden within the trees of the forest; waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

I do not produce overly intricate designs, but instead look to present the natural beauty of the wood in an elegant and classic context.  I am not looking to make a grand statement; I want to introduce people to the wonders that are all around them.

My main goal is to encourage people to see the beauty of nature in my work, and then look for it in the world at large.


Rustic Elegance

The Gift of Memories