What is Custom?

Original Grain-Bow

Recently, while wandering the web I came across a couple places that advertised “custom” boxes.  I thought to myself, “Cool!”  I like to see what others are doing.

However, as I continued to read I noticed that they said they had plenty in stock and could “customize” them as requested.  That struck me as odd.  If they were “custom”, then how could they be in stock?  The key was the word “customize”.

As it turns out, the boxes we not custom, nor even individually unique.  They were effectively all the same and then “customized” by engraving names and dates on the top.

Beware, there is a difference between “custom” and “customize”.  A custom box does not exist until the specifications for it are received from the customer and the craftsman makes it.

A “customized” box is pulled from standard stock and enhanced in some way or another.  The box is not unique.

Here are My Wooden Box we make “custom” boxes and you can contact us to let us know what you’d like.  And, while all our boxes are not “custom”, they are unique.  Each box is made from a specific and hand picked lumber, chosen for color, grain and character.

Spend some time and look around.  Pick the box you like and buy it.  Or, drop us a note and let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll make it for you.


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