What is a Box?

Walnut and Coffee Burl Valet



It may seem like an obvious question, but I’m sure somebody, somewhere has asked, “What is a box?”

Does it need to have a top?  Does it need 4 sides?  Does it need to open?

Now, I don’t think the definition of a box is all that important here mainly because I don’t believe those of you wandering through this website really care.  From my perspective, a box is something you put something in.

Some may say that the Valet pictured here is a combination of a box and a tray.  And, they would be right.  Kinda.

Is not a tray just a very shallow box without a top?  So, is this dresser top valet really a box in a box?  Again, I’d be willing to wager that the difference means something to somebody somewhere.

Still, what I see is some very attractive wood put together in a rather useful form.  You’re welcome to see what you’d like.