The Refrigerator is Full

One has to wonder what was done with a child’s school work before the invention of refrigerator magnets.

How did Mom display the works of art or the certificates of achievement?


As I was growing up, my mother saved every report card and every concert program from my school days.  Eventually, she gathered them all together and presented them to me … in a manila envelop.

That was a long time ago and the envelop and contents have seen better days.  I have since moved these special reminders to something a tad more substantial where they’ll be safe for years to come.


An Heirloom for Memories
An Heirloom for Memories

As our children grow there are many events that are worth remembering.  And, many children will not remember them because they are wrapped up in the event itself.  Parents recognize these events as they happen and tuck away mementoes as reminders.

Often, as with my mother, when the child has grown and even has children of their own, the mementoes are presented.  With me, it was in an envelop, for others it may be a shoe box.

I’m suggesting that something more permanent be used for something as important as a childhood.  Take a look around and find something you like.  Since these pieces are made to order, let me know the dimensions you need and we’ll do our best to make you happy.