Something Well-made



A while back, Ford Motor Company had a slogan; “Quality is Job 1” that was design to emphasize the durability of their product.  After an extended period of poor comparisons to imported cars Ford realized that people want quality for their money.

It’s only natural; we want the biggest bang for the buck.  We want to get the most for our money.  We want quality.

This is just as true when we buy gifts as when we buy things for ourselves.  Sometimes it is even more true.  After all, we don’t want to be known as that person who gave the cheapo junk as a gift.

Here at My Wooden Box quality is important because everything is hand made by an individual.  Every item represents the work of a real person.  The gifts you purchase here are personal.

Take a few minutes and look around.  Enjoy the pictures and check out the store.

We’re happy to have you here.