It’s Only Natural

Wormy/Spalted Maple

Some folks, mainly those who call themselves artists, go out of their way to make their work look unique.  At times these efforts result in distortions rather than revelations of beauty.

One of the many things I’ve learned about wood is that there is so much natural beauty that simply presenting it in the right context draws all the attention necessary.  Nature has a way displaying beauty that cannot be copied or enhanced.

The box above is made with Wormy/Spalted Maple.  That is, wood from a Maple tree that was the home of a colony of worms and when the tree died it was infected by a fungus that spread (spalting) leaving unique patterns.

On the surface that may sound a bit “yucky”, yet by the time the wood is harvested, the worms have left only interesting paths and the fungus has done it’s work*.  The result is a piece of wood that is like no other.

To my way of thinking, to do anything other than present Nature’s work in it’s simplest form would be a disservice.  With this type of art, there is no need for distortion or embelishment; the wood speaks for itself.

The objective here is to present Nature’s beauty as simply as possible.  Look around and find something that adds to your appreciation of nature.

*By the time the lumber has been cut an dried, the worms are long gone and the fungus has gone dormant.  Spalted wood is quite safe to handle.


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