It’s All The Same

Walnut Box



I can appreciate mass production because it allows people to own things they could not typically afford.

My problem with mass production is that everything looks the same … nothing is unique; nothing is special.

Walnut is a beautiful wood and often when people think of it, they think of the rich chocolate brown color.  A good piece of Walnut looks luxurious.

But …

There is so much more to Walnut.  Consider the box here and look at the beautiful swirling grain pattern and the variety of color as it moves from sapwood to heartwood.  It is this movement that catches the eye and invites the touch.  It is what mass production throws away in the name of uniformity.

When I first started working in wood, I believed that this variation was a flaw; a cheap piece of wood suitable for the fire pit.  But as I looked at it I was fascinated by the movement.  I kept coming back to look again and again, the uniqueness of it demanded my attention.

There is no doubt that consistently colored Walnut is beautiful, but it is those pieces that contain variations of color and movement of grain that keep us coming back for another look.

Here at My Wooden Box, special pieces of wood are sought out to be incorporated into our products.  Take a look around the store and pick something that demands your attention.