I Like Small Boxes

Pedestal BoxesI find it interesting that boxes, particularly small boxes, tend to get the attention of most people.  I have no idea why that is, but it seems almost universal.  It is the rare person who can see a small box and not want to examine it just a little bit closer.

Now, boxes can be plain and simple, or elaborately decorated, or even become a complex puzzle, yet they all attract the interest of the people who see them.  Even those who think, “it’s just a box”, cannot deny their attention is diverted.

As for me, I like boxes.  Especially small wooden boxes.  They appeal to my sense of beauty and my pragmatic needs.  And, for the most part, they are never over-bearing.

Generally, I like things made from wood.  The variety of colors and patterns in the different types of wood regularly fascinates me.  A small wooden box helps direct my attention to the art that is ever present in nature.  A small wooden box highlights the special character of a particular piece of wood.  A small wooden box satisfies my desire for beauty.

However, as much as I enjoy pretty things, I am at my core practical.  Those things that I have typically serve some purpose beyond beauty.  That is what is really nice about small wooden boxes.

You can put things in them.

And, when you put something in a box it does not detract from the beauty of the box.  Sometimes what you put in the box increases it’s beauty (think keepsake boxes).  The small wooden box is useful and attractive all at the same time.  What more could you ask.

I have small boxes throughout my house.  Some are purely decorative, but most help me keep things somewhat organized.  For example, one holds loose change, another keeps pens and pencils from wandering free, and still another has notes or receipts that need to be “not lost”.

Yes, I like small wooden boxes.  They’ve done right by me and I think that without them my house might be a tad messier than it already is.


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