I Can Afford That

It is the rare time when “money is no object” and for most folks that time never happens.  Cost is important.  And in current times, cash is thin.  So when we look for something special, the price becomes influential.

No doubt, a one of a kind piece will cost more than a similar item that has been mass produced.  That is to be expected.  However, handmade does not have to equal expensive.  (Nor should it equal cheap.)

Most artisans I know are looking for a fair price for their work.  In return, they use their skills and talent to create something worth having.  With each piece they make, they put their reputation on the line, and oftentimes, their livelihood as well.

Truth be told, it is easier to spot shoddy than quality products.  Still, you can bet that if someone is selling a toy box or quilt chest for $50.00 or less the product is either poorly made, mass produced, or made with second-rate materials.

Here at My Wooden Box, we look to price our items honestly.  The cost of material plus the amount of time to make something become the biggest portion of the price.  Add in a little overhead and we give you the best price we can … no padding.  I am convinced that what you purchase here will be worth the money you spend.

Browse through our store and find something you like.  If it’s not there, then drop us a note using the Contact Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


One thought on “I Can Afford That”

  1. I am kind of a hands-on person and good at crafts, but I
    have never got the hang of carpentry. I want to learn how to build tables and shelves, not so much construction work.
    Also, what is the basic set of tools to get, and does anyone have any ideas how to do small projects in an
    apartment space.. Insight – thanks for the feedback.

    Actually, yes, this is potentially for making $. I am a graphic designer and I keep having ideas for designing furniture.
    It sounds like I might want to find someone to collaborate with..

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