Center Stage


Your typical box often lives a neglected life.  Frequently shoved in a drawer or pushed to the back of closet, never to be seen except as a last resort when looking for something lost.

Truth be told, it’s their own fault.  Many boxes are cardboard, salvaged from the trash to hold things that need to be put “somewhere”.  They have no personality and appear disheveled; sometimes, even beat up.

Still, even those boxes that are attractive regularly get pushed to side and are used as a space filler.  It time for new horizons in home decoration.

A wooden box is more than capable of gaining and holding the attention of viewers.  They draw eyes (and sometimes hands) to them.  A decorative box is not some clunky piece of wood, but a finely crafted adornment, able to hold it’s own among other visual enhancements.

There are many beautiful boxes available ranging from romatically rustic to breathtakingly artistic; from simple to complex and fun to functional.

Hand crafted wooden boxes show the wonders of the wood and display the skills of the craftsman.  You’ll find a variety of boxes here and across the web.  So, click through the boxes available here and find one that strikes your fancy, or surf the web and see what there is to be had.