Beauty in Imperfection

I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of wood with character.  At least that’s what I call wood that others see as having imperfections.  There is something about the variations of color and grain that just grabs my attention.

Original Grain-Bow

The wood for this box would be considered scrap to many, but to my eye it just moves.  And, by cutting the top in a fan pattern we have the birth of what I like to call the Grainbow; color and pattern everywhere.

The board that this box was made from was one of the “allowable” defects in a standard order and would typically be rejected or hidden.  However, some finger joints and Walnut trim and we have a box that I just can’t seem to part with.

Rejected wood is what makes the boxes here at My Wooden Box special.  What others see as defect, I see as character.  If there’s anything you can count on here, its that no two boxes are identical; each has it’s own character.