A Unique Gift

We are a gift giving lot; we give gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, Christmas, “significant life events” (gotta love that phrase), and even the second Tuesday of the month.  Sometimes, we even give gifts for no reason at all.

There are times when the event guides us to the proper gift, for example, a bowling ball at a baby shower may not be quite right.  Mostly though, the gifts we give are a combination of what we think the someone wants and what we want them to have.

Often we look for something “special”, something that not everyone has or not everyone will give.  We want our gift to be unique and memorable.

Might I suggest a wooden box.

Cherry and Pine

“But, what will they do with a box?”, you might ask.

It doesn’t matter, and that’s the best part.  At first the recipient might be taken aback, but it won’t take long before they begin to think of uses for their new box.  They may decide that it will look just fine on a shelf, or on their dresser.  Or, they may realize that this box is perfect for collecting that loose change, jewelry or those hair things that ladies always seem to have.

Regardless of how the box is used, it will be used.  Boxes just seem to be that way.  Boxes collect things and oftentimes, those things carry memories.  As a result, the box will be looked upon fondly.

The boxes here at My Wooden Box are available in many designs and sizes, and will start someone thinking of how they might be used.  Take a look around the site and pick that unique gift and watch how things develop.  Our store has a collection of ideas and your order with be made and shipped as quickly as possible.

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