Welcome to My Wooden Box.

Wooden boxes attract attention in many ways; from “Oh, that’s pretty” to “I wonder what’s inside?”

It is the nature of a wooden box to demand attention.  First, there’s the visual attention; the type of wood used or the color and pattern of the grain.  People see a wooden box and they simply want to look more closely.

Second, there’s the tactile attention.  Wood in general and boxes in particular invite folks to touch them.  The attraction is so obvious that it’s regularly overlooked.  Set a plastic box, a cardboard box, and a wooden box together and watch what happens.  Folks want to feel the wood.

Finally, there’s simple curiosity.  A box tempts people to look inside.  Even if they know the box is empty, there is a desire to see the inside.  We just want to know what’s in there.

It is unexplainable, but we become attached to boxes regardless of who we are.  We see them, feel them and know them; they become special to us.  In turn, they hold special things for us.

Here at My Wooden Box, you’ll find a unique box for almost every event in your life.  A box that will hold memories and secrets, and provide a place for those things you want to keep safe.



Every box from My Wooden Box is unique because each box is hand made from solid wood.  While styles may be repeated, the grain patterns and color of real wood never repeat.  Rest assured that the box you purchase here will be yours and yours alone.



The Gift of Memories